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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  May 31, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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forward without them in place and hearing the mayor make that commitment is huge. >> we will make homelessness rare and brief and at one time occurrence. >> 221 million-dollars combating homelessness and 32 million more than last year and funding 300 housing units and longer shelters and more mental health services. >> the pipeline for people is bad. >> and while homeless advocates are glad there's a proposed sales increase in november to pay for homeless and transit services. >> if it doesn't happen -- i think san francisco will be in serious trouble and we will see an explosion of the homelessness. >> that will cause for 29 million dollars for recs and parks and expanding service hours for 14 different libraries from 45 to 50 hours a
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week. >> $6.1 millions would go towards street cleaning and as well as more staff for public work to remove 2000 extra tons of garbage from city streets in the next two years. overall the proposal met with cheers and although the city's economy is strong the mayor wants to stark 3 million in reserves in case the economy takes a downturn. tara moriarty, fox 2 news. the city of martinez has received 9 0-$000 grant to support the homeless outreach initiative. given by an oil remindry in martinez. officials say the money will help paid for an advocate that connects homeless people to resources and services. we could find out later this week if whole foods will be allowed to open another new and less expensive supermarket in san francisco. there will be a decision whether to what happened stores along the corridor. allowing more chain stores would take away the character
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of the neighborhood and others say having anchor stores would benefit the area. a google search indicates there are 8 whole foods in san francisco. the pope street location would be the 9th. san francisco police received an unusual call on memorial day. a sea lion pup was spotted wandering along balboa street. tracy turner and anne burrows arrived to find the sea lion in the ocean beach parking lot. the officers kept an eye on her for three-and-a-half hours until the marine mammal have had a crew pick her up. the sea lion is about 11 months old and appeared to be mal nourished. this is zachary. the baby baboon born at the zoo last month. its numbers are 15 and the second largest anywhere in the country. zachary is the 6th baboon born
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at the oakland zoo in three years. we were planning on implanting her with a birth control for a couple of years to give them a break from all of the beans and when the vets went to look sure enough there was a little bundle of joy in the belly. >> baby zachary will hang onto mom for another month and move to mom's back for a month before starting to ron der around. coming up. crews scramble to look at a sinkhole on i-5. a man's personal grudge prompted him to trash a catholic church.
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what he told investigators. a portion of interstate 5 south of tracy is closed because of a large sinkhole in the northbound lane. a cal train crew discovered it at noon near the off ramp for highway 102. the northbound lanes were closed and once repairs are on the way more of it began to crumble. a large section of the road is ripped away by a backhoe. the northbound lanes are expected to remain closed for repairs for the next two or three days. a detour around the sinkhole is in place. americans are spending more and saving less. this is a according to figures released by the commerce department. in april spending rose one percent.
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the biggest one month climb since august of 2009. consumer spending makes it about 70% of u.s. economic activity. and if spending goes up savings go down. the rate of spending fell to 5.8% to 5. 9 in march. wall street started off mixed. the dow lost 80 points and the nasdaq made moderate gains. there's a new push for nursing moms. proposing that the city fund special lactation rooms at several city owned facilities. it was an experience that a councilman had with a nursing mother. >> the breast-feeding mom finding a locating for lactation is not easy even if the children's museum at san jose there is not a designated spot. >> you can go to the car because you don't want to do it in front of people. >> i did the bathroom and that was not good.
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>> in the worst case sit on the floor. >> it is a problem that san jose city council uncountered last month. >> the only place was the bathroom and we cleared out my office and she could use my office. >> something needs to change he says. requesting funding to be put in the city budget to add lactation stations. the children's discovery museum, happy hollow zoo and san jose hall. he says had the buildings were built breast-feeding was not a consideration. >> it wasn't thought of at the time. it should have been but it wasn't. now we are thinking about it. >> i feel like it is a recent change in the last couple of years and taken off. >> the topic is not without controversy. mom stephanie says that people fall in to one of two camps. >> people that are probreast feeding and anywhere in public and then there's the people that are shocked and don't want
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that to happen in public anywhere. i think finding that middle ground is pleasing. >> it will have outlets to plug in pumpps and the children's museum will start construction in november. >> people that want to breast in other places, i wouldn't want it to be out of public site. >> the council men expect the lactation rooms will cost $55,000 to bill and the budget is set to be approved in june. in san jose ann reuben, fox 2 news. a vandal trashes the inside of a valley church damaging the altar and setting fire. why the suspect targeted the church. it is hot out there today. warmer tomorrow and warmer in the bay. i will let you know how warm and when the fog will get back
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in your neighborhood. the fox 2 weather report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> a corrections officer in new york state is hospitalized in critical condition after a package delivered to his home exploded. the officer was opening it when it blew up in his hand. he has serious burns to his hands and arms and is being treated in syracuse. governor andrew cuomo went to visit the officer. >> we pray for his health.
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>> it is not clear if the explosion had to do with the 52- year-old's work. a man is arrested after trashing the inside of a catholic church. oscar ruiz facing charges of hate crimes after starting crimes inside mary's church in hanford. investigators say that ruiz broke open 300 bottles of wine and use the church vestments to start the fire. the chancellor of the fresno diocese says members of the congregation can't understand why anyone would want to destroy the church. >> what have we done to upset you so much that we would create such violent acts. >> this is to show mercy to anybody.
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it is just a matter of reaching out and praying for that person. >> ruiz told police that he was upset with the vatican. the church will hold services in the open air pavilion. hurricane season starts tomorrow. president obama is urging people to stay vigilant and take responsibility for their own safety. >> it is every citizen's responsibility to be prepared. and that means taking proactive steps and having an evacuation plan. the president is urging people to follow evacuation orders and more can be found on ready dot go v. rain soaked texas is
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bracing for more flooding. there is a river southwest where 6 people died. more rain later this week could mean more flooding to next week. with widespread damage. relief agencies are stepping up their efforts to help the people that are not able to live in their homes. dozens of water rescues taking place. video captured horses in rising water. no reports that any of them were injured. look at those pictures. so many places covered in water. >> and more on the way. >> and wonder where the water goes. let's go to chief meteorologist bill martin in the weather center in the bay area. nothing like that. dry and warm. >> yes. inland. >> and just a couple years ago texas was a big drought and now record rainfall for the last couple of years ago.
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amazing amounts of rainfall. 6-inches in parts of texas and continue with the heavy rain and just amazing how it work. feast or famine. the temperatures outside, pretty hot in the inland valley. 96 in fairfield and 99 in antioch. and as i mentioned 99 at the airport in antioch, they are usually out in the marsh lands and surrounded by graphs and airports read cooler than downtown san jose or oakland. the thing about oakland airport -- i am using -- that 74 in oakland is downtown. we have an airport number as well. and a shot of the fog showing up. that tells you everything. the fog getting squished and you can see -- i know you should be able to see the top of the golden gate bridge. isn't that beautiful? you can see it. a thermal dynamic thing.
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so hot and the ocean water is about 54 or 55. the hot air rises inland and as it does that the cold air is close to the ground and gets sucked into the ground and the warm air rises and you get this flow and that's what you are seeing the fog. and that is the typical bay area air-conditioning. that is what calls things off and it is right around the bay. what is happening the air is getting sucked in and the marine level is not getting up over vulner peak. getting to the golden gate bridge. the sea level gap. one of the only tsunami level gaps. you can see the inland areas, i think it is fascinating, 94 in fairfield, you showed me that pick and you told me the time of year it was, the fog pick the golden gate bridge where the fog is i will tell you what
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the temperature inland is every time. not hard to do based on the thickness of the fog. the forecast for tomorrow triple digits and warmest in the valley and most in the hot spots in the 90s and around the valley in the 80s and on the coast cool. san jose lunchtime 76 degrees and nice day and hot. and 84, that's at san jose airport. the 84 from the model. but downtown on the street, right on the concord, you can feel it to go 92 or something like that. much warmer in the urban areas. away from the concrete. there is the forecast for tomorrow. the five-day forecast shakes out like this. warmer each day and if you are at the coast, the real heat will be over the hill in the valley. >> the fog, isn't it beautiful? >> it rolls in like that and
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how it cools it down. >> a nice gap. >> thank you, phil. the giants are in the middle of a pictures with the braves down in atlanta. >> the sharks back on the ice in pittsburg. the commute direction in the left lane and it looks like a typical evening commute. and i want to show you another location. interstate 880. and no problems and back with more in a moment. this portion of fox 2 news brought to you by your bay area hyundai dealers. ktvu fox news. the area's number one news station is now evening bigger.
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>> mark is here and more on the warriors and the big game planned for thursday night. >> at the oracle. it goes to show you how it is in professional sports. have to change gears. arguably one of the top 5 moments in warriors basketball. how long do you get to -- >> you got to get right there. >> the warriors did for the most part take today off and not available to the media. tremendous victory obviously but they have to change gears. ready up thursday night it will be.
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the cavaliers in town that they have landed in frisco and here is the final pictures as the warriors and steph curry do their thing sending the crowd to complete delirium. steve kerr showing huge emotion and front row. nice family moment for steph curry. the warriors not available today but talking about moments and looking ahead to cleveland. it is pretty remarkable come-back and shows i think a lot about our guys and their will and grit. >> we got a player that will themselves. we all believe in each other. we pick each other up when we are not doing well. >> we know that the cleveland cavaliers are a great team and blessed to be in this position. we are excited. it is the finals. >> the way this series went from game one to game 7, we
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were ready for anything. and we know how important it is taking care of your home court. that will be high priority for game one. >> well, our guy frank over here nearly inconsolable after the sharks lost. >> i told them to calm down. they got on their game and maybe overwhelmed with the things started back in pittsburgh. most of them, the first stanley cup, these are the sharks today working out and feeling good about things and brett burns is one of the leaders and had a sensational regular season carrying it onto the playoffs and talking about game two and where the sharks are mentally after 3-2 defeat last night. >> i think we realize we didn't play our best game. we are still in the game and tough to lose that one with a nice win. you got to learn the lesson.
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>> a great job in that second period. and we got out pretty clean and forced them to defend. the home team played a better game than us. i think you know we didn't find a way to get rewarded. the good news was we had a chance to win the last game. yeah tomorrow night, shark back at it and trying to even the series up before the tank on saturday. meantime a happy birthday to jake tv. ask any major league baseball pitcher. celebrating your 35th birthday throwing your shutout. that is what jake peavy does. threw 77 pitches and he had defensive help from hunter pence and dennard span. the giants had five hits and one of them a triple by denard
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span with two outs and jake peavy scored the one run they would need. span had three of the giants five hits and scored three to kind of break it open. a bouncing single to right. they had two more and the giants have now won 16th of the last 19 and they are rolling in first place right now beating the braves. 4-0. the a's will play this evening and highlights of that one against the twins later on. got to take you to the golf course in florida. where we had unusual site. in florida, buffalo creek golf course. maybe they ought to rename it to gator creek. that is a 15-foot gator. >> what do they do with it? >> whatever. you play through. let him go. >> the guy videoing it but he looks like he is on his toes ready to go and at any second
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like i don't want to get too close to that thing. from what i understand, they can move pretty quick. if he decided to go after him. >> scary. >> that is our golf story. >> yes. >> thanks, mark. and our coverage continues at ktvu plus. we have a look at more stories. julie students at two schools in oakland dealing with the loss of two classmates after the 15-year-olds drowned over the weekend. cristina rendon will join us more with what happened. in politics, bernie sanders continues to pound the pavement in northern california. while hillary clinton gets the endorsement of our governor. >> the warriors gearing up for the second nba finals in a row and lebron and company arriving in town and the warriors fans pumped up after the win.
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we will see you up next. okay, ready?
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